Cold Therapy


Hot-cold therapy device     Our cold therapy systems are simple and reliable.
     Their easy to use,
compact design, make it
     great for clinic, hospital, and home use.
     than using ice, we suggest freezing 6 standard
     16 oz water bottles
, and use 3 at a time. 
     This will cool the water to
a therapeutic
     temperature for several hours.



When the water is not as cold as you like, replace with the other
3 frozen bottles and continue with uninterrupted therapy!
No need to continously purchase bagged ice or empty
your home ice maker!



■  Sustained cold therapy is one of the most effective and
    soothing treatments for reducing post-operative pain and

 ■  Circulates cold water directly to surgery site and
     surrounding area.

 ■  Convenient size and weight.


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