Elf Care device   The ELFcare electrode allows the synergistic effect
   of combining calibrated hot therapy, cold therapy and
   electrical therapy in one electrode.  This solid-state
   electrode is controlled by a portable device allowing
   the treatment to be independently conducted by
   the patient in his own home while remaining under
   medical supervision. 


   The system is based on a proprietary technological
   combination of Bi-directional Thermo Transfer (BTT)
   and conventional Electrotherapy.


Features Include:Elf Care

   - Vocal indication inform the patient what 
     to do and when to start and stop treatment.      

   - Locking system preventing anyone from making
     changes to the treatment parameters without
     authorization from the healthcare professional.

   - AUTOSTART and AUTOSTOP timer functions.

                                       - The advanced computerized control system makes 
Elf Care unit setup for knee therapy           upgrades of new programs or display effects easy
           to carry out.                                               









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