Shoulder CPM


Shoulder CPM- Provides post-operative passive
  range of motion

- Prevents joint stiffness, edema,
  soft tissue contractures and
  muscle atrophy

- Patient set-up is very comfortable
  and quick with the CPM’ unique
  color-coded, interchangeable
                                                                                parts system

- Programmable hand control allows for easy adjustments to therapy protocol

- Easily adjustable for either left or right side surgeries



• Rotator cuff repair

• Total shoulder replacement

• Capsulotomy

• Acromioplasty

• Burn

• Synovectomy of the elbow

• Release for extra-articular adhesions

• Prosthetic elbow joint replacement

• Intra-articular fractures of the elbow with ORIF

• Fractures and dislocations requiring reconstructive surgery of the clavicle, scapula,
  AC joint or glenohumeral joint

• Arthrolysis for post-traumatic stiffness with limitation of elbow joint motion


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