We have a variety of options to treat neck and back pain, including the Disc Disease Solutions products.  DDS is used by over 2 million people daily. Patients with a history of bulging and/or herniated discs and general neck and back pain, can have an improved and far superior life with these products. Relaxes muscle spasms, muscle cramps, strain and pain.

  • Decreases axial loading Increases disc height
  • Advanced tubeless air cell design for narrow fit
  • Can be worn discreetly under clothing
  • Assists individuals with strenuous jobs

DDS Products

DDS 500

The DDS 500 Back Brace consists of a unique and patented expandable Decompression Belt and Hand Air Pump.

DDS Double

The DDS DOUBLE Lite Back Brace is the perfect solution for taller patients and patients with pendulous abdomens.

DDS Cervitrac

The DDS Cervitrac is the most comprehensive cervical traction collar on the market today.


The DDS MAX is the most comprehensive cervical traction collar on the market today.

DDS OA Kneetrac

The first OA Knee Brace to unload both compartments in the knee.

The Advantages of DDS

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Information about DDS

Not all back braces are created equally, especially if spinal distraction or decompression is desired. Decompression is the act of external forces separating the spine in an effort to allow discs and other connective tissues to move off impinged nerves with the goal of significantly reducing or eliminating pain. While most traditional neck and back braces simply cinch tight around the patients’ torso to immobilize the area which can assist with the pain, DDS decompression braces target the cause of the pain. This happens when prolapsed, bulging or herniated discs are able to distract off impinged nerves and begin to rehydrate within their respective intervertebral disc spaces.


Lumbar Flexors

This graph illustrates that while wearing the Air Brace, the average sustained torque* of the lumbar flexor muscle is approx 180 torque* pounds compared to approx 130 torque* pounds without wearing the Air Brace


Lumbar Extensors

This graph illustrates that while wearing the Air Brace the lumbar extensor muscles reach maximum torque* faster and sustains maximum torque* 3 times longer.

“I have attempted chiropractic, acupuncture, S.T.E.M. , Intrusive Spine Stimulators, Opiates, Opiodes, several surgery failures, and intrathecal spinal infusion pumps. I love the brace, and can’t wait to put it on. The immediate relief is remarkable. You have to try it to experience it! I would recommend to anyone who suffers from back pain before you go through what I endured.”

Jeffery Riggs

Palm Desert, CA

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Local Service. Appointments are Available.

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