sam® Sport is a FDA-cleared bio-regenerative medical device that reduces the pain associated with tendon, ligament or muscle injuries and also accelerates the natural healing cascade. sam® Sport stimulates the body’s natural repair process through the sustained delivery of low intensity acoustic waves.

  • Reduces Pain
  • Enhances tissue recovery
  • Increases deep circulation
  • Increases oxygen and nutrient delivery
  • Provides daily, multi-hour therapy
  • Wearable and portable

How Does it Work?

sam® Sport stimulates the body’s natural repair process through the sustained delivery of low intensity acoustic waves. Watch this video to learn more about how sam® Sport delivers sustained action for faster recovery.

Typical Applications

The Advantages of sam Sport

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Information about sam Sport

Tendon Injury Recovery

Clinical Trial demonstrates that patients with tendinosis of the elbow or Achilles, treated daily with sam® Sport for four hours per day, experienced a 70% reduction in pain after six weeks of treatment. Grip strength also increased by 17% in patients with elbow tendinosis, demonstratingrecovery of the injured tendon.

Patients treated with sam® Sport on a daily basis recover faster after a tendon injury.

Muscle Recovery

Athletes treated with a single, multi-hour sam® Sport therapeutic session experienced a 20% reduction in lactate accumulation in the blood, following strenuous exercise, when compared to the control group. When the strength and function of the treated muscles were then tested, greater muscle performance was observed, as measured by Average Power and Peak Torque. These effects may result from the ability of sam® Sport to stimulate local circulation to active muscles.

Osteoarthritis - Pain Relief and Function

Pain Relief Grows with Regular Therapy and Joint Function Improves

Ultrasound therapy, according to the Cochrane Review, is clinically effective and covered under most insurance plans for Osteoarthritis pain management. In multiple clinical trials, sam® Sport daily wearable multi-hour ultrasound therapy has been proven clinically effective on reducing pain and improving function of patients suffering from moderate to sever Osteoarthritis. When applied  during normal daily activity, patients experience 39% to 51% pain reduction in the treated joint.

Muscle Spasm - Pain Relief and Function

Patients Report Pain Reduction Immediately Within Treatment Sessions
Trapezius Muscle Spasm

Patients with acute pain caused by trapezius muscle spasms experienced immediate pain relief from a single, one-hour sam® Sport treatment session. They reported a 15% improvement in the severity of pain they were experiencing, approximately twice the effect observed in the control group.

“My sore back was killing my golf game. After using the sam® Sport for about a week, my club head speed returned, my distance off the tee greatly improved, and I am hitting more greens and overall playing a great deal better. I was comfortable using the device the moment I opened the box, and I am now able to play on consecutive days without the debilitating pain I use to have.”

Kellen Winslow Sr.

Pro Football Hall of Fame (San Diego Chargers)

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