Veterans In Pain

With so many of our veterans returning home, many with injuries, there is an increased need to help them to return to a full life.  One of the major obstacles for so many of them are their injuries that, for many, lead to chronic pain problems. We are here to help.

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Helping Those Who Served

We Served So We Understand

As a VOSB (Veteran Owned Small Business), we are particularly sensitive to the Veteran population that suffer with pain issues. We provide conservative alternatives to alleviate pain and accelerate healing:

– ELFcare                        – OrthoCor                               – sam®Sport

Whether you are active duty or a veteran with arthritic or neuropathic pain, we have solutions for you!

A Simple Approach – Caring

We listen to the Veteran and incorporate treatments that align

with the goals of the clinician and patient.

“I am a disabled Army veteran and have suffered for years with low back and shoulder pain.  I can truly say that the ELFcare system has improved my quality of life!  My pain is reduced by 50% or more. A 30 minute treatment lasts hours to a day or more.  I can sleep at night and finally have a solution to the constant pain I was living with.  I am so thankful that my therapist recommended it!”

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